Nylon PA12

Nylon PA12 is a versatile thermoplastic used in 3D printing, known for its good strength, flexibility, and impact resistance. It's ideal for functional parts and prototypes, offering a balance of performance and ease of use, making it a popular choice in various industries.

What Is Nylon PA12

HP Multi Jet Fusion 4210

Dimensional accuracy: 
+/- 0.3% with a lower limit of +/- 0.3 mm

Build Volume Space: 
380 x 285 x 380 mm (14.9" x 11.2" x 14.9")

PA 12 part

PA12, also known as Nylon 12, is a type of polyamide that exhibits excellent mechanical properties, including high strength, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. The "High Reusability" aspect in the name refers to the ability of this particular material to be recycled and reused in the 3D printing process, allowing for a more sustainable and cost-effective production cycle.

HP's MJF technology is known for its ability to produce high-quality, functional parts with fine detail and consistent mechanical properties. The HP 3D High Reusability PA12 material is particularly suitable for manufacturing parts and components in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and more, where robust, high-performance materials are required.

This specific material is recognized for its potential to create complex geometries, strong and durable end-use parts, and functional prototypes, making it a popular choice in the additive manufacturing industry.

Design Guidelines​

Wall Thickness
Aim for a minimum of 0.8mm to ensure durability, though this could vary with design specifics.
Support Structures
Design to minimize support structures, easing post-processing and saving materials.
Choose orientations carefully for the best strength, finish, and efficiency; consult HP's advice.
Clearances and Tolerances
Design for material shrinkage to ensure parts fit and work together correctly
Surface Texture
MJF yields smooth finishes, but remember orientation and features may influence texture.
Heat Considerations
Consider PA12's thermal behavior for high-temperature applications.
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Contacting ADDform for customer support and technical team can provide you with the most accurate and updated information regarding design guidelines for this material in the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

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PA 12 part

Technical Specifications

  1. Material Type: HP 3D High Reusability PA12 (Nylon 12).
  2. Printing Technology: Multi Jet Fusion (MJF).
  3. Color: Typically black or grey.
  4. Density: Approximately 780-960 kg/m³.
  5. Tensile Strenght: Around 48-52 MPa.
  6. Fexular Modulus: Approximately 1500-1800 MPa.
  7. Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT): Generally around 175°C (347°F).
  8. Layer Thickness: Varies based on the MJF printer model and settings (typically in the range of 80-100 microns).
  9. Recyclability: Known for high reusability, promoting a more sustainable 3D printing cycle.
  10. Elongation At Break: Roughly 15-20%.

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